Transtating Silence

Transtating Silence is my first book published in the United States and it includes the English translations of poems from The notebook of dreams, The Disguises of Fire, and a short selection of poems never published before.
The book includes a prologue by the Colombian Poet Armando Romero.
The authors note that opens the book says:

“Pennedin the United States, the country in which I have written almost the entirety of my work, and in which I live, all the poems that make up this book were made originally in Spanish.  They reflect my obsession with beauty, time, death, and the bridges that marry them: silence and desire. The majority of the English versions of the poems were written by me. During this process I have tried not to translate, but to write the poems in English, as if it was the first time they were written. I let myself be guided by the rhythm of the new language. Of course, after this second writing phase, the help of my friends Pat Brennan and the poet Wendy Braun has been invaluable. The poet and scholar Matt McBride is the main translator of the poems from Notebook of Dreams. With this book, and with all the books I have written, I declare my faith in poetry as a triple form of communication with oneself, others, and transcendence, and my belief that every poem is a translation of silence”.

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